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Our Dairy and Farming Build Process

  • Design Phase

    At Jahnke Construction, we understand the unique requirements of dairy and farming buildings. Our experienced team of architects and designers will work closely with you to create a customized design that meets your specific needs and maximizes the efficiency of your operations. We take into account factors such as herd size, milking systems, feed storage, and ventilation.

  • Permitting and Site Preparation

    Once the design is finalized, we handle the necessary permits and approvals required for the construction of dairy and farming buildings. Our team will conduct a thorough site evaluation to ensure the land is suitable for the specific type of building. Site preparation includes clearing, grading, and leveling the area to create a solid foundation for your agricultural facility.

  • Foundation and Structural Integrity

    The foundation of a dairy or farming building is crucial for long-term durability and stability. Our skilled craftsmen will carefully construct a strong and resilient foundation that can withstand the demands of agricultural operations. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure structural integrity and the ability to support heavy equipment and livestock.

  • Utilities and Systems Integration

    Efficient utility systems are vital for dairy and farming buildings. We arrange for subcontractors to install state-of-the-art plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems to meet the specific requirements of your operations. We also integrate automation and monitoring systems to optimize energy usage and ensure the well-being of your livestock. Our team ensures that all installations comply with safety and regulatory standards.

  • Interior and Exterior Features

    We pay close attention to both the interior and exterior features of your dairy and farming building. From flooring and wall finishes to lighting and ventilation, we create a comfortable and productive environment for both animals and workers. We also focus on the design and construction of functional spaces such as milking parlors, feeding areas, and storage facilities.

  • Efficient Workflow and Equipment Integration

    We understand the importance of an efficient workflow in dairy and farming operations. Our team will design and optimize the layout of your building to minimize unnecessary movement and maximize productivity. We also integrate specialized equipment such as milking machines, feeding systems, and waste management systems to streamline your daily operations.

  • Quality Assurance and Inspection

    Before the handover of your dairy or farming building, we conduct thorough quality assurance checks and inspections. Our team ensures that all aspects of the construction meet our high standards of quality and compliance. We address any issues or necessary adjustments to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

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